Yoni egg is a polished egg-shaped stone designed to insert in your vagina. There are several types of yoni eggs; each is made with a different stone. Benefits of placing the yoni egg in your vagina, combined with the healing effects of pure stone, are good for your vaginal health.

Yoni egg is one such miracle tool for women; it has its origins inthe Chinese culture. Women have used yoni eggs for over 5000 years. Empresses and concubines in China used eggs made from jade stone. They used it for attaining spirituality, increasing their sensuality, and improving overall health. It was considered asymbol of royalty for women of certain kingdoms.

Benefits of Yoni Eggs

Yoni egg is a miracle tool for women. Unlike vaginal cones and balls, its benefits are not limited to strengthening pelvic muscles and enhancing sexual pleasure. Plus, yoni eggs look smooth, pretty, and colorful.

Here are the many benefits of yoni eggs.

• They are known to increase libido. Yoni eggs help in awakening your sensuality.• It increases sensitivity during intercourse, making it more pleasurable for you and your partner. • You experience better orgasms with a yoni egg.• You gain better vaginal control.• Some women have used it to recover from childbirth. • Yoni egg is also known to assist in yoga practices and medication.• Some women have experienced a reduction in PMS syndromes and menstrual cramps after using yoni egg.  • Yoni eggs are good for improving your overall health.

Jade Eggs

Yoni eggs come in several types. They are made with different types of stones, each one having a natural power of its own. Yoni eggs are made from Quartz, Banded Onyx, Amethyst, Black Obsidian and Nephrite jade stones. Jade stone is known to have emotional healing powers. It helps stabilize your inner self.

Jade eggs have recently gained popularity thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow. She has talked about the advantages of using jade eggs and promoted their use. Her Goop website sold jade eggs for quite some time.

Jade eggs provide typical benefits that yoni eggs have. However, Goop claimed their Jade eggs provide additional benefits. They said their jade eggs could restore hormone balance in the body. Jade eggs by Goop was also said to help regulate menstruation cycles better.

The Unpopularity of Jade Eggs

Jade eggs have received some backlash from several people,including doctors and gynecologists. Prosecutors from California filed a lawsuit against Goop. They stated that Goop made false health claims about the jade eggs they sold. There was no scientific backing the facts that jade eggs can help restore hormonal balance and regulate menses.

Doctors and obstetricians agree that many benefits of yoni eggs have no scientific proof. They said inserting yoni eggs can increase pelvic muscle strength and can give pleasurable experience. But the same can be achieved with Kegel exercises at no cost.

The debate regarding yoni and jade eggs is still on among people. If you want to give yoni eggs a try, ask your doctor or obstetrician first if they are suitable for you.


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