When size really matters: Choosing the right condom


Hands up if you’ve ever borrowed a condom from your pal when you’re about to have some spontaneous sex. Sure they’re stretchy, but did you know that that was a risky move?

Well, it is. Here’s why:

Condoms come in a variety of sizes depending on factors such as length, width, and girth. These specifications are translated into sizes such as small, medium and large, and even extra small and extra-large.

Wearing a condom that is not your size can be compared to wearing clothing that is not your size. If it’s too small/tight, it’ll be uncomfortable and may rip. But if it’s too big, it won’t fit right and might be hanging off you instead of fitting snuggly.

So how do you find the right size condom? Well, the same principle applies again. To find which size shirt or jeans you wear, you would do some measurements around your waist, hips, and thighs and from your crotch to your ankle or from shoulder to shoulder, around your neck, arms and waist and from your shoulder to your waist.

Based on that comparison, how do you think you’d find your condom size? Well, you’re right. You will have to measure your penis. Find out how to do this and more by reading this article!

Why Condom Size Matters


So we have already established that condom size matters, but let us talk about why it matters in more detail.

For one, sex with a condom that isn’t the right size may be uncomfortable. Like we said before, if it’s too small, it can tear, but that’s not all.

A tight condom can be so uncomfortable that it makes it harder for a guy to orgasm or maintain an erection . It can also interfere with proper blood circulation and cause your penis to “choke” eventually leading to erectile dysfunction.

If it tears, it exposes both parties to sexually transmitted diseases. It can also lead to pregnancy. At this point, the condom becomes useless.

A condom that is too big can slide off. Imagine having to fetch your condom from inside your partner? Trust us, it’s not a pleasant experience and might require a doctor’s visit if it’s too stubborn to come out. This can also expose you to STDs and result in pregnancy.

A condom that is too big can also impact how much sensation you’re afforded since there’ll be more standing between you and your partner.

Is here a “right” size penis?


It is not uncommon for men to feel concerned or even insecure about the size of their penis. Some might think it’s too small to impress or please their partner, while others are worried that their members might be too big and can scare their partner or make them feel uncomfortable during intercourse.

So what is the right size penis? The truth is, no such thing exists since penises come in a variety of sizes based on length and thickness. Having a long or short penis is not a bad thing, nor is having one that is skinny or thick.

If you ask one person what their ideal penis is like, he/she might tell you one that is long and skinny, while others might say they prefer one that isn’t too long but it has to be “filling”. It all depends on personal preference.

Studies have shown that the average adult penis is about 5 to 7 inches in length when erect, and about 3 inches when flaccid. Falling below or above these numbers does not mean something is wrong with you or that you are any less of a man since many factors come into play, such as erection angle, belly fat, temperature, etc.

Regardless, many men still find themselves unsatisfied and even try products and exercises which prey on these insecurities. But unless you are willing to go under the knife, there is no medicine, herb, oil, exercise or product that will make your penis any larger or smaller.

Unless you have a medical condition that affects your penis, we can guarantee that your penis is perfectly fine and perfectly normal. Still unsure? Just ask your partner, though we doubt he/she cares. As long as it gets the job done and you are both safe, all is well.

Finding he right size condom

By now you’re probably wondering how you can find the right size. Here’s a quick measuring guide that will work every time!

What you need to know

The first thing you should know is that which condoms come in different sizes, these sizes may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. This means that not just because you buy Brand A in regular, means that Brand B’s regular will fit. In fact, Brand B’s regular might be Brand A’s small. So be sure to bear that in mind.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t use certain brands, it just means that you can’t base your ideal condom size off of a specific brand. You will need to know your actual penis measurements to help you make the right choice since they usually publish size charts.

You will need to measure your penis while it is hard or erect. This is because some men are growers, not showers, and measuring the penis while it is flaccid or dead will typically get you a size much smaller than you need. Just think about it, you put on a condom while erect so it makes sense to take the measurements on an erect penis
Don’t add an inch or cm to your measurements because of insecurity. Everyone knows that penis size is not everything and you’ll be doing yourself a huge disfavor if you let ego come before wearing the right sized condoms. Just think about how ridiculous you’d look if you bought size 13 shoes instead of size 8. You’ll trip over and fall on your face. With the wrong size condom, you can end up with an STD or unplanned baby.
Always take measurements twice. This will ensure they are accurate and will prevent you from getting the wrong size

How to measure the size your penis

The best way to measure the size of your penis is by using a measuring tape or a piece of string, a marker, and a ruler. You will be measuring the length, girth, and width.


The length of your penis is how long it is, from base to tip. To measure your length:

1. Place one end of your string, ruler or measuring tape at the base of your penis. If you have a tummy, you’ll need to move it out of the way to get the correct measurement.
2. If you are using the ruler or measuring tape, you can simply straighten it and read the measurement at the tip.

If you are using the string, use the marker to make a note of where your tip is. Then, use the ruler to measure from the end of the string to where you made the mark. And that’s your penis length.


The girth of your penis is how thick it is or the distance around it. To measure girth:

1. Wrap the string or measuring tape around the thickest partof your penis.

2. If you are using the string, use the marker to make a note of where one end meets the string. Next, use the ruler to measure from the end of the string to where you made your mark.

Using the measuring tape is much easier and all you have to do is read where the start of the tape measure meets the tape.


The width of your penis is its diameter. Measuring the diameter of your penis is much like taking the diameter of a circle or any cylindrical object. To do this:

Divide your girth measurement by 3.14. The number you get is your width.

For eg: If your girth is 4.5″, divide it by 3.14″. Your width is 1.4″

The next step

Once you have your penis measurements, all you have to do is browse popular condom brand’s websites for their sizing chart. Once there, compare your measurements to their sizing to see which size would best suit you.

It is always a better idea to go slightly bigger than to go slightly smaller. For example, if your measurements are :
Length = 7.48″ , Width = 2.04″

but the website has:

Small- Length= 6.02″, Width= 1.92″
Regular- Length = 7.88″ , Width= 2.08″
Large- Length= 8.07″ , Width =2.24″

Your perfect fit would be a regular.

Whenever you are planning to try a new brand, it is always better to compare your measurements each time just to be sure it will fit.


The right condom is out there for everybody, whether you have a small member or a large member. Choosing the right size condom is extremely important because you will get better protection and comfort, taking the worry out of sex and focusing that energy into making both you and your partner have a good time.

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