The term “vaginal therapy or massage” may not sound appealing to many practitioners, but the treatment is legit.  In fact, it has become an essential part of a well-rounded medical regimen to alleviate pelvic pain. Typically, certified specialists perform physical therapy for a pelvic floor to help women deal with debilitating pain during sexual intercourse.  Recent research shows that 75 percent of women experience pelvic pain at some point in their life.

According to Lauren Tadros, physical therapist at New York University’s Joan H. Tisch Center of Women’s Health, pelvic floor massage also combats incontinence in fecal and urinary, constipation, and tailbone pain. The physician further explained the lifestyle factors along with other medical causes that can cause pelvic pain. The causes may include sex or sitting in the same position that affects saddle nerves. The condition may cause burning pain in the vulva.

Luckily, heading to the therapist or opting for the costly pelvic therapies is not the only option to heal the pain. You can do therapeutic massage with a manual massage device commonly known as a pelvic floor massage wand.  The manual device is specifically designed with the help of pelvic floor therapists to help women lower pelvic pain or discomfort.

When to Use the Pelvic Floor Massage Wand

As mentioned earlier, you can use the pelvic floor massage wandto treat or relieve myofascial pain. However, there are plenty of more conditions where floor massage wand can be useful. The best part of pelvic floor massage wand is that you can use it in both home setting and clinical setting.  It comes with a curved design that makes this tool ideal for treating intra-vaginal and pelvic muscle dysfunction.

Using the pelvic floor massage wand for these two conditions is beneficial.​

• Vaginismus: The painful condition affects deep vaginal muscles, which include obturator and Levator Ani. If you suffer from vaginismus, you may experience pain during agynecological exam, penetration during sexual intercourse, and inserting tampons.

• DyspareuniaThe condition refers to painful sex due to myofascial pain or muscular pain in your superficial genital muscles.

In both conditions, pelvic floor massage wand can be extremely helpful to ward off the signs debilitating pain.  It can go up to curvature as it has smooth tapered ends to reach the musculaturefor an effective massage.

Why Pelvic Floor Massage Wand is Effective?

Persistent pain in pelvis could take a heavy toll on you if you left it untreated. The therapeutic wand can improve the pain significantly. You can release the spasm in the floor muscles of your pelvis with the help of therapeutic wand. It helps you relax the muscle spasm in the pelvic floor. The brilliant curves makepelvic floor massage wand a great intrapelvic massager. The design allows you to massage torn and tight trigger points in your pelvic floor manually to relieve discomfort in the pelvis.Moreover, providing you the better maneuverability, it enables you to apply the right amount of pressure.

The manual device is ideal when you are traveling or might eat something that triggers the pain.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, enduring pelvic floor pain is a struggle, and it could lead to further health complications. A pelvic floor massage wand is an excellent solution to relieve the pain, whether you are traveling or at home.



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