Facts about the Vagina


You’ve probably read some absurd myths about the vagina. (If not, then check out our previous blog post). Now it’s time to highlight some facts about the vagina. Studies and surveys suggest that a majority of women don’t know much about their sexual organs.

All men and women must have complete knowledge of their own and each other’s body parts. Here are some facts about the vagina you must know.

1. Vagina is probably not what you think it is 

For starters, you’re probably using the wrong word. You possibly think of the vagina as the external sex organs in the female body. However, the external sex organ is called the vulva. The vagina is just the elastic muscular canal between the cervix and the hymen. It’s the vulva that contains the urethra, clitoris, labia majora and minora (vaginal lips) and the pubis.

But, normally the parts mentioned above are associated with the vagina. If you learn more about the vagina, you will learn about these parts too.

2. Your Vagina can benefit from a workout 

Pelvic floor exercises, such as the Kegel exercises, can help tighten the vagina. These exercises are effective in stopping urinary incontinence. Regular pelvic floor exercises can also lead to more pleasurable sex, and increase the likeliness of reaching orgasms.

After childbirth, women are recommended to perform Kegel exercises. It helps tighten the vagina and reduce the wrinkles onit.

3. Your Vagina can Change in Size 

During arousal, the vagina is more widened and relaxed. The uterus pulls upwards. It changes the position of the cervix and causes the vagina to become longer. The lengthening of the vagina makes it ready for intercourse. Note that it’s the inside of the vagina that relaxes not the outside part.

4. Your Vagina is Set at a Certain Angle

Your vagina isn’t all straight. The vaginal canal is set up at an angle of 130 degrees.  This is probably why you find inserting a tampon or a cup hard. Instead of inserting it upward, direct your tampon or cup toward the back.

5. Vaginas have a Balanced pH

The female sex organs have an acidic environment, unlike malesex organs that are alkaline in pH. Vagina maintains a pH ofabout 4.5. The acidic environment is necessary for the sperms to swim in and survive until one of them fertilizes with an egg.

6. The Vagina Varies in Color

The labia can range in color from light pink to the darkest shade of brown, depending upon the body’s complexion. The color can deepen during sexual arousal as more blood rushes to the area.

7. Pubic Hair have a Purpose

Who doesn’t love to have shaved pubes? Regardless of how ugly and unpleasant you find your pubic hair, they serve a purpose. Pubic hair protects your vaginal opening. It provides a buffer against friction.

When you shave you leave microscopic wounds and open pores on your skin. Your shaved pubic area is more prone to get infected than the unshaved pubes.

8. Vagina needs Rest after Childbirth

Your vagina needs time to heal after childbirth. Whether a woman has a normal delivery or a C-section, doctors recommend avoiding any penetration and sexual activity for up to six weeks.

Final Thoughts


Your vagina belongs to you and therefore you need to have a very intimate relationship with.

Get to know it from the inside out or outside in.

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