The vagina is capable of many wonderful things, from bringing life into this world to weight lifting. Yes, weight lifting. If you are like many women, then this might take you by surprise but this idea has begun to trend with hashtags such as #thingsiliftwithmyvagina by coach Kim Anami, and now may women all over the world have been partaking in this “bizarre” activity.

What vaginal weight lifting?

As the name suggests, vaginal weight lifting involves lifting objects with the vagina. It bears some similarity to Kegels and also involves squeezing and pulling on objects. This practice might seem a little bit weird or awkward at first but, with proper technique and practice, it can help to improve your sex life and overall health.

Why should I Start Vagina Weight Lifting?
Vaginal weight lifting is something that you start for personal reasons, as there are other ways you can reap its benefits.

However, it is more effective in training pelvic floor muscles than Kegels. This means that by doing vaginal weight lifting, you can:

  • Tighten your vagina, or increase your grip which can give your partner a more intense orgasm
  • Improve your internal control during penetrative sex
  • Increase libido, or sex drive
  • Increase blood flow to your genitals which can help to keep the tissue healthy
  • Prevent urinary incontinence
  • Treat and prevent uterine prolapse
  • Speed up vaginal recovery after childbirth

Before you start vaginal weight lifting, it is advised that you consult your gynecologist beforehand for some insight. He/she will let you know if this practice is right for you, or not, and will give you pointers on how to get the best results.

What do I lift with?
Before your mind even goes there, let us set one thing straight. No, you will not be using gym dumbbell and weights with your vagina!

There are many specially made tools for vaginal weight lifting on the market today. Some of these include:

Jade eggs

Jade eggs or yoni eggs are palm-sized, oval-shaped stones that are inserted into the vagina. They became popular after some claims were made that linked jade eggs to an ancient Chinese practice which royals, and even concubines, used to transform their vaginas into magical weapons that they used to enchant men into doing their bidding. Other claims included that the eggs could help balance the menstrual cycle and “intensify female energy.”

These sold out rather quickly, but it was later revealed that many of these claims were not true. In fact, inserting the jade egg into the vagina can be pretty harmful as these porous rocks, or gemstones, could harbor bacteria and were difficult to clean thoroughly. Using them for extended periods, as many women did could even lead to toxic shock syndrome. The worst part was probably their potential to get stuck in the vagina. Getting them out could scratch the vaginal walls and cause a bit of pain and discomfort.

Despite these potential risks, jade eggs are still used for weight lifting. Instead of actual rocks, glass, plastic, silicone, and other less porous materials have been instead, which greatly minimizes the risks using gemstones posed.


Vaginal cones are weighted tampon shaped objects made of plastic-coated stainless steel that is inserted into the vagina. These come in a variety of weight groups and are used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Attaching a string to your cone can help you to lift small objects with your vagina.

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls or Geisha Balls are weighted balls that can be inserted in the vagina for various purposes. Some use it as foreplay, for masturbation, but they can also be used to enhance kegel exercises.

Kegel exercise weights

Kegel weights are specially designed for kegel exercises and are made from medical grade silicone. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, such as teardrops and spheres and are popular amongst women who have just given birth or who have bladder control issues.

Amari has lifted everything from pineapples and trophies that have been attached to a stone or egg held in her vagina. But before you jump right into that, start off small. You can even consult a pelvic floor specialist who will start you off with the right weights

How to do Vagina Weight Lifting

As a beginner, it is important that you follow the guidelines set out by persons who are experienced in this area.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how you can start vaginal weight lifting today:


First things first, wash your hands thoroughly before you begin. You should also wash your weight lifting tool with soap and water before it is inserted in your vagina. This will help to prevent against vaginal and urinary tract infections. Be sure all the soap is rinsed off before you proceed

Start with the lightest object and increase the weight slowly as you become accustomed to lifting.


Apply some lube to your weight. Insert the weight just like you insert a tampon. If you don’t use tampons, you can lie on your back and lift one leg. The string of the object should hang outside of your vagina once you’ve inserted the weight. Now relax your muscles and pull the weight out until it’s adjusted correctly inside.

Once you are comfortable with its position, squeeze your pelvic floor muscles to keep the weight in its place.


Start with three sets of twelve repetitions twice a day. Lift and squeeze weights for five seconds and relax for the next five seconds. When you feel like you are ready, increase the weight gradually as you progress with your practice.

Bear in mind that contractions should last no longer than 5 seconds as this could backfire and cause pelvic floor dysfunction.

You can also try to hold the weight in your vagina while you are at home doing small chores. You can even go as far as to take a walk or do some squats while the weight is still inside


To remove the weight, relax your muscles and gently pull on the string. If you feel resistance, don’t panic. Just be patient and pull the string slowly and patiently. You may use your muscles to push it out of you. If you can’t find the string, simply insert your finger and as soon as you locate it, pull it out.

Once it is out, Wash your weight with warm water and soap. Store it properly for the next time you are ready to use again


Vaginal weight lifting is like any other exercise so there is always a risk involved.

When the proper techniques are not observed, or if you overexert yourself, you risk tears, pain, and discomfort. Avoiding this risk is as simple as using the right size weights and following proper technique

Vaginal weight lifting is not advised when you are:

  • Pregnant (or after giving birth)
  • Suffering from pelvic pain
  • Suffering from pelvic infection
  • Recovering from vaginal surgery

unless you are given the green light by your doctor

The bottom line

Vaginal weight lifting is not for everyone, but being open-minded about new things can really surprise you.

Vaginal weight lifting can help to strengthen your pelvic muscles and contributes to overall vagina health. Be sure to consult someone knowledgeable about the matter before you begin.

Cleanliness and patience are very crucial when it comes to vaginal weight lifting. Be sure to store your egg, or cone, or whatever you lift with in a safe place.

Have Fun


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