Things you should do after sex

Congratulations on having sex for the first time, we hope you had a pleasant first time experience. If not, don’t worry, manypeople don’t. But we promise it gets much better after this once you get the hang of it.

If it isn’t your first time, then congrats on scoring. You can still get valuable information from this article on what to do after sex. Furthermore, if you live your partner or you in a long term relationship, some of the rules may not apply to you.

Be cautious about how you introduce some of the below practice into you relation because your partner by find it suspicious that you started a new post sex routine. This is true especially if you decide to take a shower after sex and this was not something your practiced before.

In addition if you are having a quickie, still practice post sex hygiene but the rest might not be necessary.

So back to the first-timers, just as you had to prepare for having sex, there are some things you will need to after sex. Now, don’t worry, it’s nothing crazy, but they will help you for the better.

Without further ado, here are some things that you should do after sex:

Hydrate yourself

Sex can really drain your energy and can leave you feeling parched especially after all that sweating.
Drinking some water will help to rehydrate you and bring you back to your normal self.

Some persons even recommend drinking cranberry juice if you are prone to Urinary Tract Infections(UTIs), as this can prevent their reoccurrence. Also drinking war we will facilitate urination.

Examine the condom

While condoms are one of the most popular contraceptive methods, they are not the most effective. Condoms can slide off or break during sex, putting you at risk of pregnancy, or even worse a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

While men can probably tell when there is a break or rip, not all will inform you, so checking is your responsibility. One way you can do this is by offering to throw it away when you get up to go to the bathroom. Once you are in, fill the condom with water. If there are any rips or tears, the water will leak out.

If you find that there is a leak or break, you have the option of taking the Plan-B, or morning-after pill to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. This will not prevent an STD so you will have to visit your doctor so he/she can perform the appropriate test.

This goes for both men and women and is the most important thing you should do after sex. Pee.

During sex, bacteria can be introduced to your urethra. By peeing, you will flush them out and lessen your chances of getting a urinary tract infection.

For women, the chances of getting a UTI is 30 times higher since the path from the urethra to the bladder is much shorter than it is in men. This means that the bacteria do not have far to travel and can infect the urinary tract/bladder much easier

While this will not protect against any STDs, UTIs suck and can be painful and annoying. Better safe than sorry right?

This does not only go for penetrative sex. When having oral sex, your partner can introduce bacteria from his/her mouth and tongue to your clitoris which is close to your urethral opening.

Peeing within 30 minutes of having sex will reduce your chances of a UTI significantly. You should also note that urinating after intercourse will not prevent pregnancy, even if you go to the bathroom as soon as he ejaculates inside of you.

Check if you are bleeding

For first-timers, this is perfectly normal since you have “broken” your hymen. It is best to check for bleeding as soon as you have finished having sex to avoid messing up the sheets. If you are bleeding, simply put on a panty liner. It shouldn’t last for long.

While it is normal, some women do not bleed, but this does not make her any more or less of a virgin than a woman who bleeds.

If it isn’t your first time then this shouldn’t be something you have to check for. If you are bleeding, it could be because the sex was rough and you were not wet enough. But, if there is any persistent abnormal bleeding or discharge, or pain after sex, it should not be ignored and you should check in with your gynecologist.

Sex can be messy. If you know, then you will agree that taking a shower after sex can be one of the best feelings ever.

All that lube, saliva, sweat, semen, vaginal fluids or even the lubrication from the condom can create a funky odor. There are also bacteria from the hands, fingers, penis, and mouth down there that can put you at risk of infection.

Taking a shower afterward to wash all that away is a great idea. Some experts recommend having a cold shower since the vaginal region will be swollen after arousal. A cold shower will reduce swelling.

Some also recommend ditching soap for that area since it will be more sensitive after sex, and the chemicals in certain soaps may irritate. You can choose to use plain water, or gentle, fragrance-free soap to clean up.

If you can’t shower there and will have to wait until you are home, you can always use wipes to clean yourself up. Just make sure they are suited for the vagina as regular antibacterial hand wipes can irritate. Washing your hands is also important.

Clean your sex toys
If you used sex toys, whether in or around your vagina or anus, you need to clean them as soon as possible. This will eliminate lingering bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and can help to prevent the spread of STDs and other infections.

Wear loose-fitting clothes (or none at all)
With all that sweat and heat your body produces during sex, bacteria will have a field day if you stay like this. If you can’t shower right away, then wear loose-fitting clothes after you clean up. This will let air in and will allow your body to cool down.

You can also go commando and let your vagina breathe.

Cuddling after sex is a great way to feel closer to your partner.When you can also use this opportunity to talk about what you liked and also what you didn’t like, or about your feelings for each other. You could watch a movie or a TV show, or say nothing at all, and fall asleep together.

Eating after sex can help to regain the energy you lost. After all, sex is a kind of workout and your body will need nourishment after.

There isn’t anything that you must or must not eat after sex, so your meal is up to you. You could even stay for a homecooked meal

Get tested
If you had unprotected sex with a stranger then you will need to get tested even if he didn’t ejaculate inside of you. It is always better to put your mind at ease about these things. And, if you did contract an STD, early treatment is always a good idea.

What not to do
Knowing what to do after sex is important, but knowing what not to do is equally as important.
Some things you should not do after sex include:

Talking about other people
After sex, there’s still a bit of intimacy involved in the form of pillow talk. This is a time where people are incredibly vulnerable. So, don’t talk about exes, or anyone else you like. That will make things weird and will kill the mood.

Rushing out
While taking a shower and peeing after sex is important, don’t dart out of the room. Take a minute to catch your breath and relax. Leaving immediately after can give your partner the wrong impression, and he/she may think he/she did something wrong, or that you didn’t enjoy the experience

Turning on the tv/using your phone

These kinds of actions can make your partner feel left out like you are abandoning him/her after such an intimate act. Even if your group chat is blowing up, or a new episode of your favorite show is on, it can wait until you guys have settled down.

Douching is bad period, but it is especially a bad idea after sex. While you may feel a bit icky after sex, douching increases the risk of getting a bacterial or yeast infection, or an STD.

Taking a hot bath
Who doesn’t love a hot bath? But after sex, it isn’t a good idea. This is not the movies.

Excessive exposure to water, especially hot water, will affect how your body’s natural antimicrobial barrier. This can affect your vagina and put you at risk of infection.

Falling asleep in the clothes you had on
If you wore lingerie during sex, it is not a good idea to fall asleep in it as they are usually not breathable and can encourage bacterial growth. Furthermore, they might become stinky with all the sweat and fluids from the sexual act and you will wake up smelling horrible. You wouldn’t sleep in sweaty gym clothes, would you?


Sex is a wonderful thing, but it can have its drawbacks if proper precaution is not taken before or after having sex. But, if you bear the things in this article in mind, you will have nothing to worry about.


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