Not all women are comfortable and confident with their private parts, particularly those who struggle with dark, uneven skin in the area. This is why some consider undergoing vaginal skin-lightening treatments such as vaginal bleaching.

But does it work? Is vaginal bleaching safe?


Before answering those questions, however, there are a few important things you need to understand.

Why Your Skin Down There Gets Dark


In general, there’s really no exact color of the vagina. Its color can vary from being pink to dark or, at times, purple. These variations are normal and shouldn’t worry you that much.

However, if the changes in color happen with certain symptoms, you may want to see your doctor to get checked. For example, if you notice that your vaginal area suddenly turns reddish and you’re experiencing itching, you may have a rash.

You can also see a change in color when you’re sexually aroused. This is because sexual arousal causes more blood to flow to the vagina, causing its tissues to swell and darken in color.

Now, for women who are dealing with skin darkening for a long time, there are other factors that may cause it. For one, using products with talcum powder can cause a color change over time.

Vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism, and hereditary factors can darken the skin in your vaginal area, too. For others, gaining weight, shaving the area frequently, wearing really tight undergarments are factors as well.

In addition, the friction that occurs from sweating and rubbing of both your thighs can also cause  between your legs to be dark. It usually this are and the labia minora that is bothersome to some woman.

How Does Vaginal Bleaching Work?


This will depend on where you get it done.

A lot of well-known and high-end spas have started to offer vaginal bleaching in response to the increasing demand for it. They offer specialized peels to laser treatments to make the area a lot whiter.

Some spas lighten the vaginal area with a mandelic acid peel that’s generally done in-office. It usually requires an almond-extract-based peel that breaks down the melanin in the area, causing it the lighten.

Women who undergo those treatments are required to continue the process by using exfoliation pads. They slough off the top layer of the skin to reveal a lighter and more even skin tone.

If you don’t want to spend your money on those services, you can look at tons of vaginal lightening hacks on the internet. These hacks include the use of skin bleaching creams.

These creams, however, don’t deliver results in an instant. You need to be consistent in applying them if you want to see results.

Additionally, you also have to pay attention to the amount you are using. Applying too much product doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have a quicker and better result.

A safer choice is to go see your dermatologist. He or she  can assess your skin and determine the exact reason why it’s getting dark in color.

Once he has determined the cause, he can prescribe creams and topical remedies to help you.

Is Vaginal Bleaching Safe?


In general, vaginal bleaching creams aren’t that harmful. However, it will only be true if you are using the right cream.

You see, vaginal creams don’t have the same set of ingredients. Some have milder ingredients while others choose to use stronger components to deliver results.

The way you apply the product can be an issue, too. If you apply it too close to the sensitive tissues around your vagina, you can damage them.

Unfortunately, harsh chemicals can do more harm to your skin. You can end up with blisters, redness, scarring, irritation, and allergic reactions with the wrong products.

How to Lighten Your Vaginal Area Naturally


If you aren’t comfortable risking your health just to make your vagina lighter, there are natural remedies you can try.

Choose Cotton Underwear

If you have sensitive skin, don’t opt for blends. Instead, choose undergarments made of cotton as it’s capable of absorbing sweat and moisture. If possible, choose organically grown cotton. It may cost you more but considering its benefits to your private area, the price will be worth it.

And while you’re picking new undergarments, go for ones that aren’t too tight. It’ll allow your skin to breathe.

Watch your diet


Believe it or not, the types of food you eat have an effect on the color of your vagina. Increase your water intake as well as your fruit servings.

Exfoliate with natural ingredients


Instead of using commercial products, it’s better if you can use natural solutions as they are gentler and a lot safer. For example, you can mix orange peel powder and yogurt to create a paste. Apply it on the skin around your vagina and you’ll see the area lighten over time.

Another good option is oatmeal. It’s effective in exfoliating dead skin cells.

Avoid too much use of hair removal creams


While these products can help make your private area hair-free, they aren’t that great when it comes to the color of your vagina. Too much and frequent use of those hair removal creams can make the area darker.

Don’t rub the area too much


Cleaning your vagina properly is important not just in preventing infection but also in preventing skin darkening. Too much rubbing, particularly with soap and other feminine products, can cause irritation.
Try to lose weight

If the reason why your vaginal area is getting darker is the increased friction from weight gain, you may need to lose a few pounds. You can do that by changing your diet or being more active.

Stay away from junk foods as much as possible and stick with healthier food choices. Exercise a couple of times each week. It can be as simple as brisk walking or doing aerobics.

No matter which type of exercise you choose, be mindful of the clothes you wear. Make sure that they are made of cotton and that they aren’t too tight.

Final Thoughts


Is vaginal bleaching safe?

It’s safe to say that it’s not, particularly if you are using vaginal bleaching creams with questionable ingredients. Plus, you can also put your health at risk if you’re not fully aware of their proper application.

If you aren’t too comfortable with the color of your skin down there, you can see your dermatologist. Another safe option is to use natural remedies. Although they may take some time to work, they are less likely to cause side effects.

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