Sex after Menopause


Menopause is a condition that all women have to go through as they age. It is an end to their menstrual period cycle. At this stage, ovaries stop making eggs or producing the female hormone, estrogen. Menopause typically occurs after the woman turns 50 years old.

Intercourse after Menopause

Menopause does not only stop the period cycle completely, it also tends to botch up a woman’s emotions and moods. Due to a change in hormone levels, women can easily feel tired and anxious most of the time. It can even cause intense episodes of depression and losing interest in sexual intercourse and intimacy due to lack of sex drive.

This can have an adverse effect on the woman’s relationship with her partner. She can suffer from esteem issues and loss of confidence as well. However, not all females suffer from these emotional symptoms. If someone feels these symptoms intensifying, they should talk to their doctor immediately.

In addition to the emotional symptoms, females also tend to go through physical changes. One major change that can occur is loss of elasticity and thickness of the vagina. This often results in a condition called vaginal atrophy.

This condition stops the production of natural vaginal fluids, thereby making it dry. This will have a direct effect on the woman’s sex life. Due to lack of lubrication, intercourse can be painful and there maybe burning sensation. This and lack of libido may put the woman off altogether, making her avoid sexual activities. However, vaginal dryness is treatable using water based lubricants that are safe to use and do not invite any sort of bacteria.

One main point that leads to this lack of sexual interest is the fact that menopause tends to cause problems such as bladder control issues. This can turn them off completely. Interestingly enough, some women do not feel that way at all. In fact, menopause has an opposite effect on them. They feel that they can now enjoy sex life without having to worry about pregnancy.

Other than that, you can always seek help through couples sex therapy. While it may be hard to talk openly about your sex life with a complete stranger, it can prove to be beneficial. Your therapist will guide you better and suggest you ways to regain your intimacy interest even after the drop in sex drive.

You can try to ease your anxiety by meditating and listening to soothing music. This will help you relax. You can even try reading erotic stories to make things better. In addition, talking things out with your partner would be very helpful. Be honest and open with him. Let him know if you are not comfortable with certain things.


To conclude, it is important that you look for effective solutions to get rid of the side effects that menopause brings with it. Have you noticed yourself losing interest in yourself and your sexual desires lately? If yes, do not lose hope because giving up is not an option. Consult with your doctor and get the treatment as soon as possible. You never know; your treatment and solution might be only a single appointment away.

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