The world is so different in some aspects, yet in others, it’s exactly the same. The only real difference is what it is known as. Take sweet potatoes for instance, in African and Caribbean countries, they are called sweet potatoes, while North Americans refer to them as sweet yams. In the United States, avocados are referred to as such, but in other parts of the world, they are known as “alligator pears” or simply pears. The irony here is that pears in America are a type of sweet fruit.

 Doesn’t that make you wonder, and even chuckle a bit? Well, wait till you hear all the names people have for the vagina across the world! Read on to find out what is a punani.


20 Other Words For Vagina


Coochie is very popularly used in urban circles as a cute or endearing way to refer to a woman’s genitals. It can be spelled in other forms such as ‘coochee’ or ‘coochi’ or but they share the same pronunciation.


It is believed this word was derived from the belly dancing culture whose sexual appeal lured in “hoochie-coochie” men who watched or hosted these erotic shows.


The term ‘pumpum’ is a slang that originated in Jamaica and was popularized by Reggae and Dancehall music. It is pronounced “poom-poom” but with a short ‘oo’ sound.

You will find that this term is not appropriate in formal settings and is mainly among friends and in popular music.



Punany, or punani as it is sometimes spelled, is a term that originated in Indian culture, specifically by way of the famous Kama Sutra. This word then traveled with indentured laborers who were sent to the Caribbean where the term was adopted into the Jamaican vernacular. Since then, it has been used in casual conversation and widely in the reggae, dancehall, and hip-hop genres.



The origins of this slang term for the female genitals were first introduced to many people on the popular ABC series “Grey’s Anatomy” back in 2006. The slang garnered steam when popular television talk-show host Oprah Winfrey had a little mishap with the bungee cables they were using on set that caused her to say “Ouch, my vajayjay!” on live television.

Today, it is seen as a kid-friendly way to refer to one’s genitals or a funny or polite way of referring to it without making things awkward.



If you go to Lima, Peru, and say the word ‘chocha’ as a non-Spanish speaking person, locals might think you are referring to an area in Peru. But, if you listen to the popular Missy Elliot song “Work It”, you’d know for sure that she isn’t talking about Peru.

 The term chocha has roots in Central America and Spanish-speaking Caribbean countries where it’s commonly used to refer to a woman’s vulva. It is sometimes called “cho-cho” in English-speaking Caribbean countries, which is a nickname for the Chayote vegetable which some believe resembles a vagina.


Honey pot

The term honeypot is not unique to vaginas, and its context will define its meaning. Its earliest use was recorded in late Middle English, around 1425-1475.

A honeypot is something very desirable, or sweet. When used to talk about a vagina, it’s generally in the terms of oral sex.



Perhaps you or your parents have used this word before to replace ‘vagina’, as it is commonly thought to be less awkward.

While its origins are not tied to one culture, it’s undeniable that its roots are in pop culture.


Lady bits

Lady bits are actually a collective term for both the female genitals and breasts. This slang originated in the Western Hemisphere and is generally used in more formal settings.



Yoni is an ancient Sanskrit word that translates to ‘womb’, or ‘female organs of generation’. Thus, it implies the vagina and vulva.

The word ‘yoni’ has become more popular in the Western Hemisphere in recent years with the mass production of yoni pearls which are meant to detox the vagina, ultimately cleansing it of infection, and even bad luck from former sexual partners.


Flower is another cutesy word used to describe the vagina that is commonly used by feminists, spiritualists, and in works of literature to symbolize purity, birth, and the beauty of a woman.

Specific flowers, such as the lotus flower, have been throughout Chinese and Indian history to allude to a woman’s essence and purity.


Camel Toe

Camel toe has been used mainly to refer to the outline or print of a woman’s vagina through close-fitting clothing such as leggings or underwear. It is used in a very sexual manner and was supposedly coined in the 12th century by a man who noticed his camel’s toe had a similar appearance to the female labia.

Recent references include the popular sketch comedy show “Late Night With Conan O’Brien “ in 2001 where a character named Camel Toe Annie paraded across the set and did a dance with an emphasis on her camel toe.



Slit/slot is generally used in a derogatory sense to refer to promiscuous women and their vaginas. It is unclear where this term originates, but your guess is as good as any.


Box is an alternative name for the vagina that gets thrown around a lot. It is generally used to refer to the vaginas of women who are not virgins, whose bows and ribbons have been removed.

The origins aren’t linked to any particular culture and have their roots in pop culture.

Love Tunnel

Love tunnel sounds exactly like what hippies in the 70s and 80s would call their vaginas, but in actuality, it is a scenic tunnel in Klevan, Ukraine. It has it’s roots in literature simply as a metaphor or fancy pants way of referring to the vagina in a non-derogatory way.



Kitty is one of the most popular names for female genitalia. Sometimes called kitty cat, pussy, or pussy cat, the term is generally used by women from the Southern United States but has spread across the world as an endearing way to refer to the vagina.

It may also be used to refer to a woman with large labia that are fat and soft like that of an actual kitty cat.


For centuries, peaches have been the erotic fruit of art for its close resemblance to the female genitalia and buttocks. It is a symbol of femininity, softness, tenderness, and fertility.

It is generally used as the mascot for the “perfect vagina”, with the labia majora covering the majority of the labia minora and the clitoris. However, we all know that vaginas vary in appearance and they are all perfectly made.


 In the US or Canada, when you say the word fanny, a person may think you mean a fanny pack, which is a waist bag, or a person’s buttocks. But when you cross the Atlantic and enter regions such as the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, the word actually means vagina.


Cunt is considered a bad word wherever you go, as it is often used in disagreements to degrade a person or call them a coward, or “pussy”. It is also used to refer to the female genitalia but it is rather vulgar in today’s society.

The first record of this term was way back in the Shakespearean years and the 1200s, it was said to be the name of a street. It is also debated that it was first the Germanic word ‘Kunta’ in Old Norse.

Whenever it comes truly from, people tend to not like it today.


We get the word twat from the English as a vulgar way to refer to a woman’s genitals. It is also used to describe a person they find stupid or obnoxious.

Hoo Haa

You’re probably already sounding this one out, but it sounds exactly like it looks. It originated in the Southern United States as a covert way to refer to female genitalia. It isn’t necessarily offensive, but it gives the impression that the medical term ‘vagina’ is not appropriate for social use.


In some parts of the world, specifically Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala, punta is actually a form of dance and music. However, when you hear it, you may associate the term with a woman’s vagina. This is a commonly misheard phrase, when in fact what you are really hearing is “puta”, a Latino slang for the vagina.

Final Word

Many words have synonyms or alternative names, but it is important to be cautious when choosing the word you use to refer to the vagina. Some are rather vulgar and can cause offense or discomfort. Others may be misunderstood in some parts of the world and you’ll have to take time explaining what it means.

Sometimes, it’s just easier to say the actual word because there’s nothing wrong with it. It is as much a part of the body as your eyes, your nose, your ears, or your mouth.

 So, which words have you been using to refer to the vagina and which ones have you just learned?

Regardless of what you call your vagina it functions the same way and needs TLC . So read some of the other post on how to take of it.

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