Does Size Matter?

Is it possible to accurate or fair to say a woman’s sexual satisfaction depends on the size of a man’s penis?  What about the size of her vagina? Should that count too?

Many woman find themselves very dissatisfied with sex and most of the time they blame it on his penis. Why is this so?

It takes two Tango, therefore both parties plays equal role in her satisfaction and both parties genital should be evaluated for opportunities for improvement.

If the depth of a vagina from the entrance to the cervix ranges from about  3 inches (not aroused)  to 8 inches when aroused and the length of a penis ranges from about 3 inches (not aroused) to 10”  when aroused , then how big should his penis be make her feel sexually satisfied?

If the penis does not fit, should we always blame the man?

Since there is not a protocol to measure the depth of woman’s vagina or man’s penis then most of the measurement are self-reported.  Although some women’s cervix is lower than others this also not a good way to measure the depth of woman’s vagina because the position of woman’s cervix changes through out her cycle. . The cervix is high around ovulation and low after menses.

Since the vagina can expand a hell of a lot during arousal, it would seem that at the time when a woman is most aroused would be time to get a measurement, but this is not feasible. Measuring the depth of a vagina is impossible during intercourse. Therefore,  no one really knows how big a vagina gets with arousal.

Just like vaginas, penises come in different shapes and size. There is long and thick. long and lean and there is also penises that are thick and short. All can be equally effective, but it is also depending on the vagina that will be receiving it.

Because the laxity of a woman’s vagina can be affected by childbirth, weight and aging one penis size does not fit all size vaginas.

Just think about all the different sizes dildos that are available on the market. This can be evidence that some women need something bigger to satisfy them. One size dildo cannot fit all size vaginas

This is also evident by the increase rate in Female Genital Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.  Some women are realizing that having multiple children has caused their vagina to be loose. While their significant other is not complaining they can tell the difference in vaginal penetration.   In, fact any surgery that disrupts the pelvic floor muscles can impair the integrity of the structures that supports the vagina.

The pressure on the pelvic floor that occurs with pregnancy and obesity can also impair the pelvic floor muscles resulting the feel of a looser vagina. Any chronic state of coughing or constipation can weaken the pelvic floor muscle.

Estrogen plays a role in the health of the vagina because it keeps the vagina lustrous and healthy.

Men are always concerned about how big they are. Since many women fake the moans, groans and orgasm it is very hard for them tell who is real and who is faking it.

To them moaning and groaning can either mean she enjoys it, or it hurts.

If you are dissatisfied as with how penetration feels then you should also do an assessment of your vagina. Maybe you are it loose and need to start doing Kegels or some other pelvic floor exercises.

Telling your man to go harder and deeper when he is already balls in will not work and probably leave most man inadequate and insecure. After all, we know how sensitive may are about the size of their  penis and maybe you are not as tight as you think.

You should not be left sexually frustrated or jump on every cock trying to find the biggest when that can make you crow.

Here Are Ways to Address The Issue

  • First you have to test the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. Is it too weak?
  • Practice Kegels
  • Add Vagina Weights to Your Kegel (balls, cone , eggs)
  • Use Pelvic Floor Stimulator
  • Loose Weight
  • Control coughing and constipation

There also surgeries that are designed to tighten the vagina which in turn increases sexual satisfaction. If you decide to opt in for one of these, make sure the surgeon is board certified .

Surgeries That Increases Your Sexual Enhancement

Your vagina is not just vessel for his pleasure. It should be for yours too. Both individuals to should enjoy sex and both should work at making it better. Men attach inches to their penises by way of sleeves, strap ons and penile implants and women can do things too to maintain a tight vagina.  A tighter vagina leads an improved sensation in the vagina for YOU.

Kegel, Vagina weight training, pelvic floor stimulator, when done consistently, can be effective. In fact, you get better results when you start early. You can start preparing your pelvic floor for the trauma that it will endure during delivery long before the baby comes.

When all else fails, here are 4 surgeries that can help you repair your vagina. After all you should be enjoying sex too: Anterior Colporrhaphies, Posterior Colporrhaphies, Perineoplasty, and Vaginoplasty.

If you are truly dissatisfied with how intercourse feels then you should talk to your healthcare provider.

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